Hi! My name is Catherine, I’m hearing. My parents? They’re profoundly deaf. While for the most part, I forget this, the cinema is one of the places we get a rude reminder.

Neither of my parents use hearing aids, so the T-Loop technology or the audio boost headsets aren’t really helpful to them (but they are handy for lots of people and are widely available at most cinemas so make sure you ask if you need them). Subtitles are the only thing that makes cinema accessible to them. The problem? Fewer than 1% of cinema screenings have subtitles and the ones that do are often at ridiculous times. I’d like to change this.

If you read back through the posts, you’ll be able to read the story that sparked this whole crusade, see the difficulties I’ve had in getting the cinema industry to get on board, ┬ábut also hear some great stories of people absolutely getting behind the campaign.