Causing a Scene: Merlin Cinemas

Hopefully you’ve read the first post (if not, here it is), so you’ll understand my frustrations at the hopeless duty manager and the whole situation. I did some tweeting (the lazy person’s complaint email) and soon enough, a meeting with the Operations Manager had been arranged.

I’ll admit that I didn’t go into it with the highest expectations. I just went in super, super angry, but it was so much better than I expected. I didn’t just meet with the Operations Manager but also the General manager of the branch.

And they were great. A full and unreserved apology for the wearentplayingthesubtitles incident and a really good chat about how often subtitled screenings happen. By their own admission, if you didn’t need subtitles, you could probably catch the BFG at “about 200 screenings” across the Merlin Cinemas network in Cornwall. If you do need subtitles, they guessed at 8 screenings. Who knows what time the others were at, but the midweek screening that I wanted to watch was on so late that there’s no way you’d be able to take your 10 year old.

So, a solution. Merlin Cinemas are going to increase their subtitled screenings from roughly 4 per week, to 6 (you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ve been calling that a 50% increase) and make sure that they are at sensible times. It’s a trial they’ll be running until Christmas; I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted good sales figures as a Christmas gift but there’s a first time for everything!

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