Causing a Scene: Action on Hearing Loss

You may remember that Phil Clapp of the UKCA gave me a contact for their Disability Working Group. I duly emailed, safe in my assumption that Action on Hearing Loss, one of the biggest charities working to advocate for those with hearing loss and deafness would be keen to help.

I had a really rude awakening.

They have five main aims this year, decided by monitoring complaints and by surveying their research panel. Cinema subtitling isn’t one of their aims. TV and catch-up subtitling is, but not cinemas. And so, they aren’t able to offer any help.

I’m really angry. And really, desperately, disappointed. In my email, I had asked to set up a conversation to see how Action on Hearing Loss could help. I hadn’t asked for a commitment of resources, or any campaigning. I thought that perhaps they might have some ideas of people I could contact, access to the working group or even just a formal letter of support.

In actuality, I have been utterly dismissed by them. At the time of writing this post, I had been waiting a response to my reply for almost a month. So, Action on Hearing Loss, if you’re reading, please can I have a formal letter of support? That’d be grand.

She did send one useful thing; a leaflet about how to complain about subtitled cinema. You can access it here.


** Edited to add: I heard back from Action on Hearing Loss! Gillian wanted apologised for the delay and wanted to take the “opportunity to reassure [me] that Action on Hearing Loss work hard to support people with hearing loss and the hearing people in their lives”. They regret that they remain unable to offer additional support to this campaign as they need to “need to prioritise [their] limited resources”. In my chasing email, I had asked for a formal endorsement, so I’ll be asking again for that in my reply. Watch this space!

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