Causing a Scene: WTW cinemas

In Cornwall, where I live, there are two main cinema chains. Merlin Cinemas and WTW cinemas. Merlin is the bigger chain, they have more cinemas and more screens, but anywhere east of Truro is WTW land.

It took a little while to get a meeting with Mark Williams, the owner. I called one of the cinemas and asked for an email address but the staff were evasive when I explained why I was calling. All just a bit of a fuss. We got there eventually though.

nevertheless, I have to say the meeting itself left me feeling a little disappointed. I’m still a bit confused about what they have committed themselves to regarding subtitled showings. As far as I can gather, they are promising to show a subtitled film once a week at St Austell, Truro and Newquay cinemas. Over the summer, they ran a system where people needed to request a certain film in writing. In writing. I think you can still request certain films. *

And that’s the thing that rankles me. I would love to be able to go to the cinema with my mum without having to think about it weeks in advance. I just want to rock up and know that she can access the movies in the way that I can. I’m certain those days are a way off and I think they are more likely to come about with the introduction of some new technologies than through any other means. But just little inroads will get us closer to the day where we pop to the cinema without checking two websites and crossing our fingers.

*I’ve emailed Mark Williams with a little run down of our meeting and some points to clarify. As soon as he gets back to me, I’ll update this.

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