Causing a Scene: America

Oh hello! Sorry for the big gap between posts. I know that I’m breaking the first rule of blogging, but a combination of no wifi and night shifts makes running a social media campaign tricky!

I wanted to share this news with you though, something big is happening in America. In 2010 the US Department of Justice published an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, and last month they have issued a Final Rule. You can read about it in depth here.

The crux of it is that each cinema that shows digital films needs to be able to provide closed movie captioning equipment at a patron’s seat whenever they are showing a digital film, they need to advertise the fact that the equipment is available and they need to have staff that are able to aid patrons in it’s use.

Closed movie captioning is different to open movie captioning. You guessed that, right? Open movie captioning has the subtitles on the screen for all movie goers, but the closed system works with individual devices at the seat. In my mind, this eliminates the “people don’t want to read the movie” argument and allows much broader access to a lot more people. If this was commonplace here, my Mum and I could just go to any screening and watch a film together. The goal!

This is the kind of technology that Phil Clapp touched upon in his interview with Charlie Swinbourne, 5 years ago. I’m going to do more research about it and get back to you, but for now, just know that I am so happy about this ruling. It’s a step forward and they’re my favourite kind of steps!

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