Causing a Scene: Happy New Year

Oh, I forgot to say – Happy New Year friends!

We finally have wifi around here, which I’m sure you’ve noticed is making running a campaign much, much easier. I’ve also commandeered the box room of our house and made a tiny little study*. With a proper schedule for blog posts planned, and an excellent helper in the shape of new pal Abi**, I think 2017 is the year that this will really take off.

With every new year comes resolutions. I thought it might be fun if we could commit to some resolutions of our own. Here goes!

  1. Use a spare three minutes to sign and share this petition.
  2. When you’re buying cinema tickets, ask whether there are any subtitled showings of movies scheduled or devices available for closed captioned subtitling. Simply asking will keep the issue firmly in their mind. And always, always feel free to cinema staff to our website.
  3. Write or email your local cinema to ask for an increase in subtitled showings or an investment in some closed caption devices. There’s a good pdf from Action on Hearing Loss that I linked to in this post to help with that.

Also, look out for blog posts every Saturday. That’s my resolution to you, and running an effective campaign.

*sorry housemates

**I’ll introduce you later

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