Causing a Scene: Charlie

I was thinking that it would be nice to hear from some people that this actually affects. Because, try as hard as I do, I can’t do anything more than empathise. The reality for me is that, even in Cornwall, I can decide that I want to see a film and then just go and see it. Sure, I might have to wait until the next day and occasionally things sell out, but most of the time I can access the cinema really easily.

So, I asked Charlie about his experience of the cinema; he had this to say:

“I’ve attended films without subtitles and just felt so depressed about missing so much of the plot and dialogue, so I never go without subtitles now. I feel a lot of frustration when i can’t see films I want to see, because of bad timings and lack of availability.

A big thing that annoys me is I know theatres have done so much to welcome deaf audiences, and how theatre audiences have accepted captioning and sign language interpretation, but the same thing doesn’t happen with cinemas.”

Charlie Swinbourne runs the Limping Chicken blog which is well worth a read, I wrote a post for them here and the other day there was a great open letter to someone who had complained about subtitles in the cinema. You can read that one here.

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