Causing a Scene: Hearing Loss Cornwall

I had another great meeting with Clare Greenwood from Hearing Loss Cornwall this week. I always leave feeling fired up, inspired but disheartened all at the same time. There’s work to be done, and I’m really proud to be partnering with Hearing Loss Cornwall on this campaign.

They work locally to me in Cornwall and I’ve written about meeting them before, but every time I see them they’re working on something different, a new challenge that had never occurred to me. It’s so inspiring to meet with people who are breaking the wall down, even if they’re doing it by banging their head against it sometimes. Slowly but surely, I can see advocacy taking over my life. I don’t mind one bit.

They’ve sent me a letter of support, which you can read here. If you’d like to formally lend your support, drop us a message at

(Please sign our petition!

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