Causing a Scene: Political

” You’re quite political, aren’t you?”

Someone said this to me the other day and it made me laugh. I’ve always been a bit outspoken, always tried to err on the side of love and compassion, always gotten myself embroiled in things that ended up being bigger than I had expected them to be. When I initially met to talk with Merlin Cinema allllll those months ago, I genuinely just wanted them to make sure that the subtitles were played when they said they were going to play them. That and maybe some more free tickets (I did get two more free tickets, my pal and I watched Nerve. It’s fine.)

But there was something about the tone. I can’t put my finger on it, the people I met with were perfectly nice and understanding. But I came away with a sense that the status quo isn’t something worth maintaining and if it isn’t worth maintaining you may as well do something to change it.

I didn’t expect this though; a website, a facebook page, letters of support and survey data to try and decipher. Classically, this has snowballed. And I’m taking this all the way to government. I just can’t see how the Equality Act is being recognised in this situation, how 1/6 of the population are being represented and so I think there needs to be some more focused and prescriptive legislation to protect the rights of those with hearing loss.

So we have a petition, we have emails to MPs. We have these things because being political isn’t actually a choice. We make statements through our action or indeed, our inaction. The smallest of things have some of the biggest impacts, so please take three minutes to sign the petition. 10,000 signatures and the government will have to respond to this petition. Even if they don’t change the law (I hope they will, but then I also hope they’ll stop making ridiculous noises when people are talking), 10,000 people making a statement is a pretty big thing.

And yes, I’m political. We all are. Some of us are just noisier about it than others.

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