Causing a Scene: CaptiView

There was a time in my life when my everyday internet searches were about whether it would be sunny on my next day off, or whether I can buy a private island somewhere warm. These days I just look at different captioning devices.

My favourite so far is the CaptiView from Dolby. It fits in the cup holder of the seat and has an extendable arm with a little screen that has the subtitles on it. You position the little sceen so that you can see both the subtitles and the action on the big screen. No need to caption the film on the big screen, because people can have their own devices. This means that you don’t need separate screenings that apparently noone attends but which represent a significant cost; people with hearing loss aren’t consigned to a cold, mostly empty cinema but get to be part of the action.*

I’d read an article on the Limping Chicken blog about the fancy pants glasses that add subtitles, but it seemed like there were some pretty big drawbacks. I sometimes wear glasses so the idea of wearing glasses on glasses feels a bit odd. Also, I feel as though noone will steal a captioning device that only fits in a cup holder so I imagine that it would appeal to cinemas more than adapted Google glasses/Sony glasses/other fancy glasses.**

But, whenever I make statements about what I would like, I remember that I can hear. So, if you have a hearing loss, please get in touch and let me know what you think!

*I promise I’m not on comission for Dolby.

** Pure speculation.

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