Causing a Scene: it’s not just subtitles

You know that you bang on about cinema access a lot when people you haven’t seen for years send you messages about interesting technologies. My friend Chris works for a wee cinema in Scotland; they’re looking at improving their access structures and have come across the Sennheiser Cinema Connect. At first glance, I kind of love it.

There’s a simple app that you can just download on your phone, you connect to the cinema wifi and you can have amplified audio tracks in your ears using your own headphones. You can have extra audio description if you have a visual impairment. The cinemas just need to get on board.

The further we get into this, the moreĀ convinced I am that integrative technology is the way forward for people with additional access needs. Long term investments into making our leisure spaces more inclusive are becoming less expensive and must be embraced if progress is going to be made. It’s not just subtitles, it’s more than that. I

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