Causing a Scene: Meetings, emails and phone calls

It’s been a really great, encouraging couple of weeks of meetings, emails and phone calls. I hate being a teasey Tina but there are some things that I can’t offer loads of details about. So let me be cagey with these few bullet points…

  • We’ve approached the Office for Disability Issues to let them know what we are up to (because, frankly, I think the big cinema companies will listen to the government in a more timely fashion than they will to me.) I’m really excited to see how their involvement pans out and, of course, we will let you know any developments as soon as we can!
  • We also had a lovely meeting with The Poly in Falmouth about increasing their subtitled screenings. Smaller cinemas are absolutely leading the way with this campaign and we have been so encouraged by their response to this.
  • Another small cinema that has been really engaged with this is the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds. We originally got in touch with them because one of you got in touch with us. I can’t say this often enough, let us do the hard work; drop us an email*, comment on our facebook page or send a note via carrier pigeon.


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