Causing a Scene: Petition

So, I’ve got an confession to make, I keep forgetting about this petition. I think its because I got overexcited and went straight to the top. I emailed the Office for Disability Issues, they called me back, we’ve had some chats and I forgot that this petition doesn’t just serve one purpose.

Obviously we want the government to do something, ideally sort out the ambiguous language in the Equality Act, but the government aren’t the only organisation¬†we are petitioning.

I want to petition the cinemas,¬†so they change their scheduling and invest in new technologies. If I’m honest, I think the government will listen well before 10,000 people ask them to. The cinema industry? I think it might take 10,000 people and the government. At the very least.

Which is why I think we should all sign and share this petition. The more of us that ask, the louder our voice becomes.

Go on, click here:

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