Causing a Scene: Back from holiday

Oh hello! Did you miss us? I’ve just had a week off to celebrate my Dad’s 70th Birthday and Abi is still on her travels (you’ll meet her really soon) but on this windy, rainy Monday it’s definitely all systems go! The inbox is busy with emails, but don’t forget to get in touch with us if you’re struggling at your local cinema. We’d love to do some of the hard work for you.*

In the last few weeks we’ve been in touch with all of the major cinema chains and all of the big hearing loss charities. Slowly and surely, we are hearing back from them, but there’s two very distinct replies I am sending.

One is “thanks for your reply, lets arrange a meeting!” The other is “thanks for your reply, but you haven’t really answered my question. Do you think you could answer my question?

I’ll let you work out which reply is for which group! I’m becoming more and more convinced that the big cinema chains aren’t that keen to talk with us, I wonder why?!

We’ve got some events to go to over the next few weeks, some media stuff in the pipeline and some more exciting interviews and collaborations to share with you all over the next few weeks so keep an eye on the website. Thanks so much for checking in with us.


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