Causing a Scene: Introducing Abi

A few months ago, Abi got in touch and offered her services. I’ll never turn down a pal to help split the work and make sure I’m making sense after a night shift, so I very gladly accepted. We did a tiny interview so everyone can get to know a bit more about her:
So, Abi, tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do, where do you come from?
Hi! I am an actor (and everything else in between – Communication Support Worker, Teaching Assistant and Front of House in theatres) currently straddling life between Birmingham and London.
Why do you care about cinema access?
I deeply care about cinema access as my Mum is Deaf and I want her to have just as good an experience when we go for those mother daughter cinema dates.  (I guess that Abi and I are pretty similar)
OK, the important questions. What’s your favourite film?  And your favourite snack to eat whilst watching a film?
Ooo tricky one; I absolutely adore Moulin Rouge. Large salted popcorn and coke.
What was your best cinema experience?
Avatar in 3D on Christmas Eve. What a beautiful, immersive spectacular film to feel part of.
And the worst cinema experience?
Worst cinema experience, I can’t remember the film but it was meant to be subtitled and the whole family were together. We had to go and ask an attendant to start the film again with subtitles. The general, hearing public weren’t very happy having to see the first 10 minutes on repeat. (Again, can you see a theme?)
What would you like to see happen with this campaign? What would that mean for you personally?
I would love for this campaign to raise awareness of access in the arts in general and get passionate people on board with the shared aim of accessible arts for all in the coming years. I would LOVE, love to see the UK adopting the American model of the personal subtitling devices as a result of making waves on this topic.
Also, I am passionate about trailers being subtitled at subtitled screenings. This is something I’d enjoy seeing happen for all hard of hearing/deaf patrons of the cinema. It would mean, for me on a personal level, I could go to the cinema with Mum or my Deaf friends and not have to use energy on concern or fear for the inaccessibility of the experience. It would provide me with peace of mind, sitting there, scoffing popcorn safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the same full, accessible viewing as myself.
You can email Abi at I’m pretty sure she would like you to sign our petition too. You can find it here.

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