Causing a Scene: Royal Association for Deaf People

Over the last few weeks we have been approaching charities, asking them to formally support our campaign. We are of the opinion that the more voices there are, the louder the call and these charities have such an excellent voice to add.

The Royal Association for Deaf People isn’t primarily a charity that campaigns, they are a service providing organisation and as such aren’t able to join us in campaigning. Nevertheless, their role is significant. In our correspondence with them, we came to some great common ground with the chief executive Jan Sheldon perfectly capturing what this campaign is all about.

“RAD supports any initiative that provides increased choice and accessibility for Deaf people”

And that includes us! Ultimately, we want choice and accesibility for those with hearing loss. We want to make it that you could choose a date, a time, a film to suit you. Thanks for your support RAD, we really appreciate it!

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