Causing a Scene: The National Association of Deafened People

We are so excited to announce even more support for the campaign! The National Association of Deafened People (NADP) have joined us in support of their members who currently struggle to access the cinema.

“Many of our members are of working age and find the showings of cinema viewings with subtitles do not meet their availability. We also have members with grandchildren who would like to enjoy a trip to the cinema with them but again viewing times are restrictive often during school time”

This, in a paragraph, is exactly what we want to change. Working age people should be able to go to the cinema whenever they want; grandparents should be able to take their grandchildren to see the latest films. It’s the lifestyle that those of us without hearing loss take for granted. We’re so glad that the NADP have come on board to help us achieve that lifestyle for everyone.

You can check out their work here.

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